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ECF International Shale Gas Forum Discussion 2 - China shale reserve really rank first in the world?
Monday, Jul. 9, 2012 PRINT EMAIL FAV PDF

Exxon Mobile announced to withdraw from Poland shale gas exploration play after its testing of two wells in eastern areas of this country but with no commercial gas output.  Exxon Mobile’s pull plug clouded the shale gas development in Poland and poled the cold water on the shale gas rush.

Also it raised suspicion on the Chinese shale gas potential in the minds of some investors who are welcoming the second shale gas auction in July. Such significant doubt should be dismissed before the important moment, an expert of ECF International Shale Gas Forum*, who had no intention to release her name, told the reporter.

There is significant doubt about the specific shale gas deplorable reserves, however should be dismissed. An expert of ECF International Shale Gas Forum*, who had no intention to release her name, told the reporter.

The resources ministry said on Mar 1, 2012 that preliminary surveys showed the country had deplorable shale-gas reserves of 25.1 trillion cubic meter, in theory enough to meet China’s gas needs for the next two centuries. This is slightly lower than earlier figures but well ahead of the reduced US estimates of 13.6 trillion cubic meter, down from 23 trillion in earlier studies. China deplorable shale gas’s value equals to more than 50 trillion of natural gas, based on the calculation of the unit price of 2 Yuan / cubic meter.

In an EIA report published in April 2011, “World Shale Gas Resources: an Initial Assessment of 14 Regions outside the United States”, US people offered the more optimistic data. They said global technically recoverable shale gas resources were estimated to be totally 185 trillion cubic meters and among them, China held the largest shale gas resources, accounting for 19% of the global total. The next was US accounting for 13% of the global total. Countries in Europe collectively account for almost 10% of the global total. 

But the first rank of China shale gas potential in the world was questioned by several top experts. Cha Quanheng at Management Bureau of Oil & Gas Resources, CNPC was one of them.

China’s potential study is conducted on the fundamental of about 60 well assessment information. Therefore the data validity and reliability was not the same as the ones of US on the fundamental of tens of thousands of well assessment information, Cha Quanheng hold this opinion. The country’s deplorable shale-gas reserves were arranged from 4 to 12 trillion cubic meter and the expectation was about 10 trillion cubic meter, he said.

In the past 2011, US had completed 10,000 wells but China only completed 60 wells, said Zhang Dawei, deputy director of oil and gas research at the ministry.

But this huge difference didn’t leave him in skepticism. Chinese assessment work conducted not only on these competed wells’ information, U. S. special envoy for energy couldn’t give clear answer to this estimate decrease in the new round of US-SINO strategic dialogue, Zhang Dawei said.

The data for China’s deplorable shale-gas reserve is solid, and had slime chance to be adjusted in the future, Zhang Dawei said. In Mar of 2013, the resources ministry would update today’s reserve data, but it wouldn’t drop as much as the one of US.

*ECF International Shale Gas Forum is the first platform to follow the unprecedented model of integrating the intelligence and resources among governments, researches, oil companies and financial organizations and will offer guideline for multinational cooperation and help project approval. The membership recruitment is opening from the last Oct. And we believe, though our endeavor, the shale gas commercialization would speed up.
Chronicle China Shale gas development

1. October 9, 2009, The Ministry of Land and Resources in Chongqing to launch China’s first shale gas resource exploration project. After the United States and Canada marks, China formally started shale gas resources exploration and development.

2. On November 10, 2009, PetroChina and Shell signed Fushun – Yongchuan block of shale gas joint evaluation protocol, the joint development of shale gas resources in Sichuan. This is China first shale gas exploitation projects.
3. On November 16, 2010, the United States Chesapeake Energy Co CNOOC completed the acquisition of Eagle Ford shale 33.3% rights, into the shale gas development.

4. In 2011 March, the Ministry of Land and Resources formal project approving start “domestic shale-gas development” policy research.

5. On June 27, 2011, the Ministry of Land and Resources hosted the first shale gas exploration rights sold for, a total of four blocks, respectively, Chongqing-Guizhou Nanchuan shale gas exploration, shale gas exploration in Guizhou Suiyang, Guizhou Fenggang shale gas exploration, Yu Qian Xiang Xiushan shale gas exploration, a total area of about 11000 square kilometers. Sinopec the Chongqing-Guizhou Nanchuan shale gas exploration area, coalbed gas in Henan winning Yu Qian Xiang Xiushan shale gas exploration block.

6. On December 31, 2011, Ministry of Land and Resources announces, shale gas is officially classified as 172nd kinds of mineral products, to its according to separate minerals for investment management.

7. At the end of 2011 12, the National Development and Reform Commission Release of “Foreign Investment Industry Guidance Catalogue (2011 Revision) “, in which the catalogue of encouraged foreign investment industries ninth clear” shale gas, unconventional natural gas resources exploration, development (limited to joint ventures, cooperative)”.

8. In January 3, 2012, the acquisition of Devin Company in 5 American shale oil gas asset 1/3.

9. In February 2, 2012, oil in the acquisition of Holland Royal Dutch Shell Oil Company Limited in Canada Ground birch shale gas 20% interest in the project.

10. February 24, 2012, China Huadian and Hunan provincial government signed a “shale gas development and utilization of strategic cooperation framework agreement”, be in Northwest Hunan shale gas business development executive.

11. On March 1, 2012, the Ministry of Land and Resources issued China shale gas resource potential evaluation: first results of shale gas in China Geological Resource Potential of 134 trillion, recoverable resource potential for $25.

12. In March 8, 2012, southern branch of Sinopec Exploration Company Sichuan Guangyuan area obtains high yield shale gas.

13. In March 16, 2012, “shale gas development plan (2011-2015)” issue, put forward by 2015, domestic shale gas production of 6500000000 cubic meters in 2020, strive to achieve the output of 600-1000 million cubic.

14. On April 10, 2012, the Ministry of Land and Resources issued a circular, urged all localities to do the Chinese-foreign cooperative exploitation of petroleum compensation fee collection work, new regulations increase the cost of using resources, the collection of objects from foreign enterprises to expand to Chinese enterprises, from the traditional oil and gas expanded to coal-bed methane, shale gas, unconventional oil and gas resources.

15. In April 11, 2012, the National Development and Reform Commission, Bureau of Energy Agree. During the 12th Five-Year Plan” Sichuan Changning – established during Weiyuan national demonstration zone for shale gas.

16. On April 16, 2012, the Ministry of Land and Resources to consider “the shale gas resources survey evaluation and prospecting model implementation plan”, proposed in the 2012-2020 years, actively promote the shale gas resources survey and evaluation work, carry out exploration demonstration project, promote the rapid development of shale gas exploration, the basic situation of shale gas resources in China and the prospect of exploitation and utilization of resources.

17. On May 17, 2012, Ministry of land natural resources announces, the second round of the Ministry of Land and Resources shale gas exploration right bidding intention survey enrolled as of May 25th. Requirements of bidders must be registered within the territory of the domestic enterprises; the registered capital shall be 300000000 Yuan in; have oil and natural gas or gas mineral survey qualifications, or has been associated with survey qualifications of enterprises and institutions to establish relations of cooperation; as an independent legal person, not to consortium bid.

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