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2nd Asia Shale Gas Summit (Shanghai) 2012 - New Programme
Tuesday, Jul. 17, 2012 PRINT EMAIL FAV PDF


第二届亚洲页岩气峰会(上海)2012,10月24-25日,2012,上海,中国/2nd Asia Shale Gas Summit (Shanghai) 2012,Oct 24-25,Shanghai,China

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Time: Oct 16-18, 2012   Venue: Shanghai, China
 :Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,Shanghai Environment Energy Exchange,SZ Energy Intelligence
Conference Inquiry: Miss Yolanda / Mr. Jeffery Tel:+86 21 54383583 Fax:+86 21 64607630,

Dear Sir or Madam:

We are pleased to extend a cordial invitation to you and your colleagues to attend the upcoming Asia Shale Gas Summit (Shanghai) 2012 (ASG2012). The summit will take place in Oct 16‐18, 2012, Shanghai China. This summit is organized by the ECF International Shale Gas Forum.

ECF International Shale Gas Forum is the first platform to follow the unprecedented model of integrating the intelligence and resources among government, research, oil company and financial organization and will guide to run multinational cooperation and help project approval. We believe, though our endeavor the shale gas commercialization would speed up. It boasted more than 100 top experts across the whole shale gas industrial chain and they are grouped up into a think tank of the forum, ECF International Shale Gas Expert Club.

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Special Speaker:

Asia Shale Gas Play’s Present & Prosperous
 · Natural Gas’s Golden Time: Asian Natural Gas Demand’s Growth Pace; Market Share In Energy Mix
· China, India & Australia’s Initial Steps In Domestic Shale Gas Development
· Japan & Korea Join North America’s Shale Gas Exploration to Up-level Negotiation Power In International Natural Gas Deal Or Help Energy Independence
· Asia Shale Gas Play’s Impact on Traditional Natural Gas Suppliers (Russia, Qatar For Instance)
· Asia Gas Storage And Transportation Infrastructure’s Status And Development Plan
· Lenient Attitude To Fracking’s Environment Pollution 

Hu Weiping

Director of Oil and Gas Dept., Energy Bureau

Zhang Dawei

Director Strategic Research Centre, Ministry of Land and
Resources, China

Scott M. Smouse

Senior Management & Technical Advisor – International, U.S. Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL); Chair, APEC Expert Group on Clean Fossil Energy

John Roberts

Energy Security Specialist, Platts

Kyel Hodenfield

Vice President of Unconventional Resources, Schlumberger

Sanjeev Gupta

Partner, Oil and Gas Leader Asia Pacific Region, Ernst & Young

Usman Ahmed

Vice President, Baker Hughes

Liu HongLin

Deputy Director PetroChina Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development Langfang Branch

Robert Boulware

Program Director, Marcellus Shale Coalition

Bhagwat S. Negi

Member of the Board, Petroleum Natural Gas Regulatory
Board, India

Peter Sharpe

Executive Vice President of Wells, Shell

Feng Shidong

CEO, State Development Investment Corp

Barclay Hambrook

President and CEO, Americas Petrogas Inc.

David Breeze

Executive Director, Advent Energy, Australia

Peter E. Smith

Product Manager, Halliburton Energy Services

Wei Hong

General Manager of Petroleum, Xinjiang Guanghui

Conference Focus:

  • US Shale Gas Development Progress And Business Model
    · US Shale Gas Business Model = Geological Theory Innovation + Staged Fracturing &
    Supporting Key Technologies’ Breakthrough + Financial Subsidies, Favorable Policy…
    · US Shale Gas Industry Mechanism = Investor’s Diversification + Service Specialization…
    · Difference Between US And China: “Above Ground” And “Underground” Aspect
    · All Around Support For Efficiently Shale Gas Developing
    · Importance Of US Model
  • Advanced Technologies & Equipments Help Shale Gas Efficient Development Project
    · Oilfield Services Company Supply Innovative Technologies & Equipments, Create The Systemic Supporting Technologies For Cost-Effective And Efficient Exploration And Development: Hydraulic Fracturing Monitoring Technology Perform Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis of Hydraulic Fracturing Operations To Help “Less Investment, More Production”
    · Oilfield Services Company Should Be Good At Technologies And Flow Services
    · Development Process (Seismic Exploration, Drilling, Well Completion And Production ect.) And Capital Optimization For Different Regions
    · Increasing Demand For Oil Service And Constantly Improved Supply Chain: Its Importance For New Shale Gas Efficient Development Project
  • Profit Model Of Foreign Company To Be In China’s Shale Gas Play
    · Chinese Featured Business Model In Development
    · Different Profit Models For China And The West
    · The Upstream, Middle stream And Down Stream Companies’ Perspective
    · The Large, Middle Or Small Scale Companies’ Perspective
    · Foreign Investment’s Pros And Cons; How To Overcome The Biggest Challenges

 More Details,Please contact below: 

Recruitting Sponsors and Speakers!     

Miss Yolanda / Mr. Jeffery 
Tel:+86 21 54383583 Fax:+86 21 64607630,


上海社会科学院Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences上海容智能源SZ Energy Intelligence
上海环境能源交易所Shanghai Environment Energy Exchange

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Welcome to Energy China Forum (ECF) New Website!
Welcome to Energy China Forum (ECF) New Website!
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