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『ECF-Diss 4』US-China’s Shale Gas Partnership would bring more benefits than risks?
Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2012 PRINT EMAIL FAV PDF

When China was taking an energy breather having seen outward investments drop from $23.4bn in 2010 to $16.3bn in 2011, Sinopec is considering helping Chesapeake out of its shale gas ‘frack-ups’. Sinopec arguably makes for the best Chesapeake ‘fit’ given its desire to grow its global acreage and diversify from the raw end of global energy markets: refining and distribution. Sinopec is fed up with taking downstream hits for CNOOC, CNPC and PetroChina, and would much rather balance its own portfolio with larger upstream stakes. It holds positions in Gabon, Sudan and Ethiopia, but has increasingly shown interest in more mature markets, especially Canada. The ambitious CEO, Fu Chengyu, can focus on upstream exploration and production for higher margins, focus on unconventional oil and gas developments. Sinopec is not just on an international basis – but to bring vital knowhow back to Chinese shores where 60bcm shale targets have been set.

Membership Recruitment for ECF International Shale Gas Forum Opens Now! 

To take the edge off Asian ‘political mark-ups’ accessing US markets might not be very popular in Washington, but the bottom line is China has the cash to invest through the cycle and keep US unconventional production going. Without Chinese strategic investment, it’s highly unlikely the US would attract further international capital into shale plays given prevailing Henry Hub prices, unless they firm to around $4-7/Mmbtu. Far higher returns can be had elsewhere.

The downside risks of a loss of US jobs, economic momentum and a reduced American stake in global hydrocarbon fundamentals is well worth considering.

But Sinopec is well aware the EIA has already downgraded recoverable shale reserves from 827tcf in 2011 to 482tcf into 2012 based on current price levels. But as a long term play, they’re also aware the US remains a good place to do business compared to more explosive regions in the world. They are no fools. An expert of ECF International Shale Gas Forum*, who had no intention to release her name, told the reporter.

Enhancing China’s stake in the US market could provide a strategic fillip in future, given assets would be going relatively cheap, It would make sure the Atlantic and Pacific Basins become more interdependent and fungible hubs, providing Beijing with a serious supply side hedge over suppliers closer to home. Not to mention a healthy uptick in global LNG supplies.

 *ECF International Shale Gas Forum is the first platform to follow the unprecedented model of integrating the intelligence and resources among governments, researches, oil companies and financial organizations and will offer guideline for multinational cooperation and help project approval. The membership recruitment is opening from the last Oct. And we believe, though our endeavor, the shale gas commercialization would speed up. 

The forum will provide on hand consultation services and build a strong professional network when you are in need to do research work, watch closely to the gas market, or find the right business people to promote your gas projects. This is why we are. 

To be a member, you will receive the shale gas report on 11th and 25th of every month via email. Our reports are in Chinese and English, 2 versions. The Chinese version report is for your Chinese staff and the English copies are just for you. To have a free trial of shale gas report! 

(SZ Energy Intelligence, Aug 3, 2012)

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Welcome to Energy China Forum (ECF) New Website!
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